A wise woman’s thoughts on living a relevant life and innovative adaptations of old survival hacks for living simply and thriving in a world gone mad – the practical arts of homemaking, gardening, cooking, sewing and making the best of what you have.
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Words are sacred tools to use to spread open your chest and unleash truth.
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Recent Writing

Here's what I've been writing lately

Two books that ruined my life – or so it seemed.

When you are the eldest of ten, and a bit of a misfit, you spend an inappropriate amount of time […]

So Began the Last Chance Decade

Ten years, that’s a conservative estimate, a window where we can still impact the fate of planet earth. A window. […]


Sixteen Remember feeling invincible. Indestructible. The cautions of elders slid off your ears, unheard. Carlos Hernandez, of the indigenous Guatemalan […]

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