A wise woman’s thoughts on living a relevant life and innovative adaptations of old survival hacks for living simply and thriving in a world gone mad – the practical arts of homemaking, gardening, cooking, sewing and making the best of what you have.
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Writing and performing poetry make me feel fulfilled and happy. Here I can cut out the middleman and just give it to you directly!
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You can help me continue to share my thoughts, ideas and even outrage, in my poetry and essays. I hope you will be inspired to buy something by Jeeni, or some of the vintage dinnerware, gifts and chotchkies I've acquired but want to let go.
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Recent Writing

Here's what I've been writing lately

Just Three Doors Down

We live just three doors down from inhumanity, always close to the possibility that we are sixty days away from […]

Jeeni’s Ballot Suggestions

Some folks have been asking me for my advice on the ballot. Hopefully you have all sent in your ballots […]

One Voter’s Vision

What if we could be voting for a real vision, instead of just trying to curb the daily assaults on justice […]

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