Now there's no excuse not to wear a mask. I am offering beautiful handmade masks - Name Your Price! You can help me continue to share my thoughts, ideas, and even outrage. I hope you will be inspired to leave a little bit of grocery money in the tip jar.
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Thoughts on living a relevant life – innovative adaptations of old survival hacks for living simply and thriving in a world gone mad – the practical arts of homemaking, gardening, cooking, sewing and making the best of what you have.
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Words are sacred tools to use to spread open your chest and unleash truth.
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Now you can buy hand-sewn face masks by Jeeni!

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Despite how the movies always ended, there was never really triumph of good over evil. There was only postponement. A […]

We need a Brilliant Backfire!

There is only one way to respond to extortion. BACKFIRE! Have you heard the latest? The bully-in-chief is trying to […]

Burnt sage

Burnt Sage

Burnt Sage The flames began like a dry-heave migraine how did we miss the warnings the auras flashing on the […]