We are making the facemasks and bandanas you need and want and washable raw silk insert that is scientifically proven to stop particles in their tracks. In addition to a delightful assortment of fabric and three elastic styles, you also have a choice of 4 sizes, because perfect fit matters – A LOT! And now we offer the same 100% cotton/silk insert combination in a bandana with a snap-in insert. And masks made just for kids – in two sizes and lots of fabrics. And why stop there? See what else we are sewing up these days! PLUS, locally made terracotta ollas and pots!
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Thoughts on living a relevant life – innovative adaptations of old survival hacks for living simply and thriving in a world gone mad – the practical arts of homemaking, gardening, cooking, sewing and making the best of what you have.
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Words are sacred tools to use to spread open your chest and unleash truth.
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Now you can buy hand-sewn face masks by Jeeni!

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The Great Adventure

You cannot really plan for what tricksters will do, or a change in weather, or whatever washes up on the way, to trash our timelines, spreadsheets, and gratifying checkoff lists.

Room with a view of a cement wall

Moving to New Hampshire

Did we really have to travel this far, to have no alternative but to finally get some rest. to talk all night… like we never talked before. And laugh. like we never laughed before because it’s all so damn hysterical how nothing, NOTHING! went according to plan.

The Senior Bus

The Franklin, New Hampshire Chronicles March 10, 2021 – The Senior Bus The Senior bus pulled up to the front […]