A wise woman’s thoughts on living a relevant life and innovative adaptations of old survival hacks for living simply and thriving in a world gone mad – the practical arts of homemaking, gardening, cooking, sewing and making the best of what you have.
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Words are sacred tools to use to spread open your chest and unleash truth.
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Recent Writing

Here's what I've been writing lately

Prickly Pears – Refreshing and Delicious

Prickly Pears are refreshing and delicious once you know how to harvest and prepare them.

Is that a googootz in your pocket?

Back when I lived in New Jersey and Long Island, we were surrounded by lottsa fellow Italian-Americans. I don’t know […]

A Nice White Principal without Principles

Twenty years you’ve dedicated your career to them, the kids in Southeast. What a hero you are, being there for […]

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