This past week has been a difficult one for many of the people in our country, so it is with great humility that I admit things have been going well for me this week. I resolved issues with my sewing machine that were causing the thread to constantly break and got a new foot for the machine that makes it a breeze to sew in the nose wire on masks. I finally got the payment gateway to work on my website so I can sell masks. My vegetable garden is growing more fantastic every day. It’s the best ever! And after my first sourdough bread attempt turning out like a meteor from outer space, the loaf I baked yesterday was perfect! All of these “turns for the better” after days of frustration, can be attributed to two things: persistence and privilege.

My ankle is almost completely locked now and my breathing is still not back to normal, or I would be on the streets calling for justice with my comrades. But I can sew and grow food and bake and write – skills every good revolution needs in the background. So to those putting their bodies on the line for justice, I’ve got your back, and your mask, and your dinner.