The enthusiastic response to the Chrysalis facemask I’m selling on is so exciting! What’s more, most people are paying the optional $10 price so I can afford to make additional masks to give away! My sewing machine has been going non-stop for the past two weeks. (To be honest, I still take time to go outside to play in my garden )

I’m continually improving my mask design and I think I’m offering the best handmade cloth masks available, for protection, comfort, and style.

Based on feedback from my father, I am now offering a No-Ears version of the mask.

My Dad, who will be 95 next month, still enjoys taking a socially-distant stroll with his wife around his New Jersey neighborhood. As you can imagine, at his age he conscientiously wears his mask whenever he goes outside. Like many seniors, including me, my Dad wears hearing aids, and the ear loops on his mask often become entangled with his hearing aids. He worried that eventually he was going to lose a hearing aid and that would be both expensive and inconvenient! He also reminded me that there are some people who just can’t wear anything around their ears, for one reason or another.

No Ears Mask Style

So, I am offering an option that is similar to some surgical masks that have two bands going around the back of the head – The No Ears Mask. (Geez, that is hard to describe – so here is a photo.)

You can insert a filter inside both the original Ear Loop design with the neck ribbon and the new Ear-Free design. They are both 100% tightly-woven cotton (except the elastic) and are available at Name Your Price, with every payment over $10 covering a second mask donated to someone who can’t afford to buy one. I’m doing this because it is in our best interest if everyone has a mask – and wears it!

That brings me to the second exciting addition to my mask collection! The Safety Silk Insert

You can insert an N95 or surgical filter inside either style Chrysalis mask, but unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to find any. I heard that some people are even cutting up vacuum cleaner bags to make filters. So I did some research and it turns out there is a much better solution.

A recent study shows that masks made with a combination of tightly woven cotton and natural silk filtered out 80% to 90% of particles. The cotton acts as a mechanical barrier to particles, while the natural silk holds a static charge that serves as an electrostatic barrier. The electrostatic effect sucks in and holds onto the tiniest particles, so they don’t slip through holes in the cotton. Here’s the report:

Natural Silk creates an electrostatic barrier to the COVID 19 virus.

Bingo! It just makes perfect sense to add a natural silk insert to the high thread count, 100% cotton masks I’m making! And here it is – the Safety Silk Insert!

Beginning 6/20/20 (when my order of raw silk is scheduled to arrive), all Chrysalis Mask orders will include a Safety Silk Insert. And because I want everyone who already bought a mask from me, to be as protected as possible, I will also be mailing a free Safety Silk Insert to each of you.

Because it’s best to hand wash your insert every day, you will probably want more than one, so you can order packs of 2 or 5 at

These masks are far superior in quality and protection than anything you can buy on Amazon or Esty.

I make the masks and inserts here in San Diego. I steam iron the fabric prior to sewing the masks and again, just before I slip them into the mailing envelope, so they arrive in your mail virus-free and ready to wear. There are no seams in the interior area of the mask and I never use pins in the construction – only binder clamps on the edges – to avoid puncturing the fabric. Except for the elastic and ribbon, the mask is 100% high-thread-count cotton. You can wear it comfortably for hours because cotton and silk are natural fibers that are absorbent and very easy to breathe.

Your mask will withstand repeated laundering in warm water and soap and can be ironed (Note: Do not iron the elastic.) To maintain the effectiveness of the natural silk insert, hand wash it in cold water with a gentle detergent (no bleach, peroxide, or citrus, since harsh additives can break down the silk fibers).

Now you can order masks in solid ivory or black.

Who knew it would be almost impossible to find a solid color 100% cotton! It’s right up there with toilet paper and baking yeast for scarcity. I’m still looking for colors, but I’ve scored some beautiful off-white and black Pimatex cotton, 133 x 72 thread count, made in the USA! If you need something more formal, these masks will fill the bill.

What’s next?

Next, because the fit is so important, I’d like to offer masks in multiple sizes. So I need to do some head-size research! Can you help? Take these 3 measurements:

  • From your nose to the back of your ears.
  • The circumference of your head at just below your eyes;
  • The distance from the bridge of your nose to the bottom of your chin

If you have kids, can you get them to sit still long enough to measure them too?

Help me out here…I’ll take everyone’s input and come up with 3 standard sizes. Send your measurements to A million thanks!

Thank you for caring about the rest of us by wearing a mask whenever you are around other folks. And now we know that when you wear a mask with cotton and silk layers, you are protecting yourself as well.

Go here to order your Chrysalis Facemask.

Go here to order Saftey Silk Insert