I am an idealist – who listens to me?
You’ve already formed your own indisputable opinion
of who should come first.

There’s nothing to debate, you say.
Only permit entry to those who can be gainfully employed.
Welcome those with white skin who speak English
but only the healthy and wealthy need apply.
First, house the thousands living here on our own streets.
But children should always come first you add,
and of course, we need to take care of survivors
of natural disasters happening here on this side.

I am an idealist – who listens to me?
What of those waiting for years at our border
caught in the crossfire of gangs and greed
— shouldn’t they be at the front of the line?
Certainly, we owe something to the refugees
of climate catastrophes, and relentless poverty,
and those wars we started for lies,
and those fleeing Putin’s ruthless aggression and genocide.
And what of Russians who spoke out on their behalf,
we can’t just set them aside.

There could be enough for everyone
if together we would pry open the fists
of the sociopaths who always put their own profits first
and taunt us to argue over who matters more,
like money changers in the temple keeping score.

We don’t need the wisdom of Solomon to prioritize
all of the desperate human beings knocking at our door.
Just follow the example of our immigrant mothers,
scootch over a bit,
bow your head saying grace,
we can make room for everyone in this place
we took from those
who were here