Twenty years you’ve dedicated your career to them,
the kids in Southeast.
What a hero you are, being there for them!
That’s what you were doing,
caring about them,
when you called the cops on those two little boys,
you caught playing with play money!
And you want us to believe you were just following policy,
to call the police when you see
little black boys pretending to be capitalists,
when that’s counter to what you’re preparing them for,
when the police took them in that room alone and shut the door
and threatened to arrest them,
those little boys who were just playing with play money
clearly marked COPY.
And nobody’s parents were notified,
because that’s not your job either, is it,
when you’re calling play money, counterfeit.
So first graders got their first taste of it,
that pre-school to prison pipeline.
What of it? It isn’t your job to care
if kids with learning disabilities get traumatized.
for just doing what kids do,
with play money,
while you’re collecting blood money, to keep that pipeline flowing,
and being the principal who isn’t really your pal
if you happen to be a little black boy.