Here is a proposal for building a pilot bridge community with sleeping cabins.

The Pilot Bridge Community (The Community) would provide immediate “meantime” housing (adhering to AB932 law), at the least possible cost, constructed quickly, using local labor, retailers and volunteers; thereby having a positive impact on the neighborhood and making maximum use of a city-owned or leased vacant lot of approximately 1/3 to ½ acre.

The Community residents would be offered extensive wrap-around social services & benefit resources connecting them with permanent affordable housing in San Diego County. The primary goal is to move every resident into permanent housing as soon as it is available and every possible action will be taken to avoid residents returning to homelessness.

The Community would provide safe, compassionate housing for women and families experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness, and who would be in permanent housing if a unit was immediately available.
The Community consists of sleeping cabins and common facilities for restrooms, showers, food storage, meal preparation and dining, on-site meetings with case-managers and group meetings.

The Community would serve as a pilot to demonstrate that similar bridge communities with sleeping cabins should be a part of the region’s interim housing solutions for homeless persons while they are working to get into permanent housing, particularly for more vulnerable populations who are at risk, in large, shelter tents.
The Community works within the Housing First model as interim housing – providing a place to stay while waiting to secure permanent housing and sets no conditions for eligibility.

The Community would set the stage to construct two communities of 20 to 30 units within each City Council District within the remaining two-year timeframe (1/1/2018-12/31/2020) that AB932 provided. The Community would prove that bridge communities with inexpensive sleeping cabins can fill the gap between being homeless and being permanently housed, particularly while the San Diego region is severely short on actual permanent housing for the extremely low-income population.

The Community would be a project of the City of San Diego/SDHC, financed by and credited to the City for meeting emergency homeless housing needs to State of CA/HUD. An advisory committee, in collaboration with other service providers, will oversee the construction and provide onsite operation of the Community over its two-year lifespan.

Read the complete proposal: Pilot Bridge Community Proposal

A comparison of 12 Sleeping Cabin Communities visited by Jeeni Criscenzo and Juan del Rio September 2017: Emergency Bridge Communities-B

The cabins proposed are built using the innovative I WOOD technology developed by Treecycling. Read more at

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