This is for Rosie O’Donnell and Megyn Kelly and all the women verbally abused by Donald Trump and
other bullies like him.

Mr. Trump
We used to call people like you, “Know‐it‐alls”.
You know, those teenagers who just heard something on TV
and repeat it,
as if they personally did the lab experiment to prove it.
Or worse,
the ones who tell you this is the way it is,
and then quote chapter and verse from a book
written by men whose perspective of reality
was that the earth is flat.
You’re like that,
but much worse!

We used to call people like you, bullies.
You know, the terrible‐twos who always get their own way
By throwing tantrums and their toys in public,
Shaking their fists at everyone around them,
craving attention, even if it comes in the form of revulsion.
You’re like that,
but much worse!

We used to call people like you, losers
You know, the guys who were big shots in high school
and thought they were killing it
because they were making big money at the loading dock,
while mocking the geeks who were studying physics, and neuroscience and philosophy
and earning a degree.
You’re like that,
but much worse!

And you know, most of those know‐it‐all, bully, losers,
eventually got their comeuppance.
And most learned from it.
They got humbled when they landed in jail.
They got wiser when they landed on the street
They got over themselves
and learned how to be a part of the human race
even if it was a little late.

Why didn’t that happen to you,
Mr. Trump?
‐ the man who made and lost a shitload of money,
only because you have no scruples;
no moral compass;
no intellectually curiosity;
no compassion;
no filters;

I don’t fear you,
because even as you taunt and jab that beast
you think you can buy,
You’re being played.
They are letting you parade your ignorance.
Letting you spew your no‐class, mean‐spirited, racist, misogynist, xenophobic crap,
because you serve their purpose.
You’ll keep the masses confused,
focused on non‐issues,
while they plunder the universe
and rape the world.
It’s all just sleight of hand chicanery,
psychological misdirection.
Focus on the funny hair…
Get infuriated by his repugnant remarks…

Do you really think they would let you actually run their world?
Maybe the elite
who pull the puppet strings,
weren’t actually counting on you
when they set up the chessboard,
when you came crawling out
from behind their carefully crafted Citizens United ruling
waving your dollars around as if they were actually money,
emboldened with the survival instincts of a bed bug.
But you can bet all of your money
they have a plan for you now.

And we have a plan too.
While they are distracted with what to do
with their uninvited buffoon,
we can move our pawns strategically into place,
with an actual citizens united
of blacks, women, immigrants, gays, unemployed, homeless, disabled and disillusioned ‐
You know,
Those people you have mocked and disparaged.
You are uniting us!
Even the ones you pay to cheer you,
Even the ones who will finally realize
you can’t stop the catastrophes of climate change with a gun,
Even the ones who pray to a higher power for a job, or a place to live.
You have united us!

while the puppetmasters are watching you, not us,
we will take the bishops, rooks and knights out of the game;
corner the queen;
topple the king;
change the game
So Mr. Trump,
keep on making an ass out of your fat, obnoxious self.
You’ll get yours soon enough
And we will have the last laugh –