I savor a gourmet blend of Kona & Columbian
in my morning grind.
Peaches & cream…
wine & cheese…
peanut butter and jam…
these are all perfect when combined.

But you’ve clearly crossed the line
when there’s even a hint of something human
about my spicy, sautéed eggplant Hunan
or a sliver of a gene of armadillo
in my pepper jack cheese quesadilla.

When it comes to something
I’m going to put in my mouth
I just wanna know,
is it part plant and part mouse?

When I’m in my kitchen
combining rice & free-range chicken,
it’s my decision what goes into the pot.
I can follow a recipe to the tee
or get creative and innovative
with any ingredients I want.

I can blend, toss, knead and mold it
but without GMO labeling,
I’m cooking blindfolded!

I just wanna know,
is there another species
lurking in this ear of corn?
Is some characteristic of a rat,
that repels bugs but makes us fat
hidden in its kernelled form?

Is it asking a lot to want to know
is there a gene, not natural to beans
simmering in the pot?
Some might like ’em cold, some like ‘em hot,
but if it’s got something proven to accelerate aging,
I like it not!

I just want to know,
before I bake this dough,
is it natural wheat,
or is it Monsantoed?

I’m through with all your franken-foods,
Your fast and freaky fillers,
Your seeds of terror,
Your creepy combinations.
Just label your shit so I know.