It wasn’t cut to any specific geometrical shape,
just sewn into the quilt like a prized trophy
pulled from a discarded scrap,
Rich as the luxuriant green drapes
Scarlet O’Hare transformed into a gown.

Crushed green velvet!
Sewn into the quilt of a poor woman’s life
between remnants of red plaid wool shirts,
denim, worn down to a sheen,
squares of worn-out coveralls,
calico smocks and work clothes…

That was the Gee’s Bend quilt that spoke to me,
spoke of work and worry,
stitched together to make a life.
Warming a drafty home.
Covering a couple making love on chilly nights.
Hugging a gaggle of children sharing a bed.

Swatches of earthy brown toil,
simple blue cotton dreams,
pale gray twill tears,
and lush green hope
– crushed.