Despite how the movies always ended,
there was never really triumph of good over evil.
There was only postponement.
A pause,
while evil regroups.
There was only wishful thinking,
while evil schemes.
There were only illusions of small victories,
while evil smirks.
Contriving their next merciless strike.

Good follows the rules.
Evil tramples on the very essence of fair play,
while crafting rewrites in smoky backrooms,
hampered by neither conscience nor remorse.
The wails of mamas trumpet victory in their beastly ears.
There are no heroes in their ranks.

Can good finally win
only by adopting those same ruthless strategies?
Fighting fire with fire,
and becoming them?

When you can’t escape Check,
When every day is a sideways move,
Check, Check, Check, Check
Ad infinitum.
A draw seems a reasonable option.
Use the moment to catch your breath.
Postpone defeat once more.
Save your strength.
Tomorrow we start again.

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