I designed the FindMyFood.org website so any organization could add and maintain their own food events by just going to the website and clicking on Add a Food Event – no need to register. Their event would be sent to the administrator for approval and then published. They could register to be able to go in and make changes to their event or to set up recurring events, without approval from the admin.

This tool solved many of the problems with unorganized street distribution of food, while helping people who are homeless or need food to find places that serve food. It listed the following types of food distribution: Community Meal, Street Food, Groceries, Gleanings and Cooling Station. Organizations providing food could post opportunities for volunteers to come help with food prep, serving and cleanup and volunteers could sign up on the website.

Organizations planning to provide food could check other listings to be sure their food distribution time and location doesn’t overlap another one. Remember, people need to eat every day – preferably three meals a day.

This website was built in WordPress but I had to remove it  because I didn’t have the time to maintain it. I would be happy to assit someone else in putting this back online.

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