These are days when we are all needing the quite talking and sharing of ideas.
These are days of looking out for one another and sharing resources.
These are days that call for innovative and patient solutions.
These are days where inclusion, diversity, and consideration are paramount.


These are also days of concern about the health and safety of those around us. So we have spent the past three months redesigning our garden so people can meet and converse while maintaining safe social distancing. We now have three separate areas where small groups of two to four people can sit 6 feet apart, so up to ten people can actually share the outdoor space while being safely separated. When the numbers and data show that it is again appropriate for people to gather in small groups, we will begin to offer our garden for meetings. Until then, be well. And buy a mask here! 

Jeeni's Garden
We are sharing our garden with you.

Juan and I have been considering ways that we can help our friends get through these challenging times, within our financial and medical limitations. And that’s when we thought about the many gatherings with friends we have enjoyed in our garden. It’s such a pleasant setting, with the calm and privacy of Tecolote Canyon on a quiet cul de sac. And coastal San Diego has so many perfect days for being outdoors when a meeting in a garden is so much more pleasant than being indoors.

We are so fortunate to have this area beside our home where we’ve transformed a yard of waist-high weeds to a natural escape, where the occasional hawk soars overhead and butterflies, hummingbirds, and nosey chickens often join us. We’ve recently rearranged our plants to create more shaded areas and allow more room for our eclectic assortment of outdoor chairs and tables. We can now comfortably welcome 10 guests while maintaining social distancing. 

We know that many people don’t have a place as lovely as this, where they can hold a meeting or just invite a group of friends to engage in the conversations we all need to be having. So we are opening up our garden to you!

Below is a calendar showing dates that are available and a booking form. If you live in the San Diego area (we are in the Linda Vista neighborhood), and you need a place to have a meeting during the day with 10 to 12 guests, check if one of the days available on the calendar will work for you. There is no cost involved although a small donation is always welcome. You and your guests will need to bring your own food and beverages.

You can use our garden for meetings, celebrations, conversations, poetry readings, music (unamplified) and even campaigning. We have a few “guidelines” and Juan and I should be on your guest list (although we might choose not to attend). The bathroom is in our house.

Submit your booking request below and I will get back to you ASAP to confirm and add it to the calendar. This is an experiment – it will be up to you to make it work. Let’s see where this goes…

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