When you book Jeeni & Juan’s Garden, you agree to abide by these guidelines:

  1. Be kind to humans. You know how to express your feelings and opinions without hurting others who are present or not. If children are present, be careful about your choice of language.
  2. Be kind to the garden. Please don’t harm plants or critters in the garden. Don’t take cuttings, or harvest vegetables or seeds without permission. We are usually more than happy to share, but you really should ask. If you have children, be sure they understand how to respect the garden.
  3. Be kind to our neighbors. We really like our neighbors and we want to respect their right to not listening to your loud music or boisterous shenanigans. Also, don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want someone to do in your yard.
  4. Zero waste. Our goal is to end up with no trash. We have cloth napkins, and reusable utensils, plates, and cups you can use, or bring your own. All food waste can go in our compost pile. You know the drill. We won’t banish you to the Twilight Zone if you bring a single-use thingy, but we’d like you to be conscious of it.
  5. BYOB & Food. We are usually happy to offer iced tea or something fresh-baked, but don’t count on it. Sometimes I’m not up to it, or our grocery budget is kaput. You are welcome to bring adult beverages.
  6. No illegal activities. We don’t want to give the cops any excuses to add toxic energy to our garden.
  7. No pets. We have free-range chickens who get really freaked out if there is a dog around. If you or your guests have a service animal, please let me know ahead of time and keep them leashed so they don’t harm the garden or our critters.
  8. Don’t let the cat out. We have an indoor cat who would make a quick lunch for the coyotes in the canyon, so please make sure the door is closed behind you if you need to go into the house.
  9. Limit the number of guests. We can comfortably seat 12 people in the sitting area. We also have a patio area where a few more people could be. But 15 adults is the maximum. There is very limited parking, so encourage your guests to carpool when possible. Unfortunately, we are a mile from a bus stop.