They said, “Bend over,
This is gonna hurt.
We’ve got a dose of insurance to insert.
We’re sorry for your misery,
sorry for your pain,
but to be honest,
there’s a profit to be gained.”
And that’s all that really matters
to the healthcare pimps.

We could do this so much better without them.
They contribute nothing to our care.
They simply slipped themselves into the middle,
to take a cut that isn’t theirs.

You say there must be a better way,
to pay the doctors and those who make us well.
The solution is actually very simple –
send the insurance companies packing to hell.

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, “Single Payer”
and wondered what it meant.
It means instead of begging insurance companies
to pay your medical bills,
there’s just one payer – the government.

It isn’t socialism,
because the health care providers
are not employees of the state.
The only thing that’s different is
we’ve fired the healthcare pimps
and unless you’re one of them,
that works out great.

Your healthcare won’t be tied to your job,
So you’re not shackled to your employer for life.
You can quit and start your own venture,
if you like.
Or if you’re laid off,
you’ll have one less reason to cry,
Because your family’s health
won’t be hung out to dry.

And when employers don’t have insurance premiums to pay,
they can give their employees a better wage
or hire more help,
creating jobs along the way.

You might pay a bit more in taxes,
but you’d never have premiums to pay,
nor deductibles and co-pays,
nor waiting for approval for vital care.

You could choose any doctor or provider you want,
and never get a $1,600 bill
for a trip in an ambulance cross town,
because regulations and fair competition
would keep the prices down.

Universal coverage means
Everyone get health care.
And that means people
won’t be spreading their sickness everywhere.

So the next time someone suggests
Single-payer universal healthcare,
you can knowingly quip,
“Oh yes, that’s the plan
that sticks it to the healthcare pimps!”