I began writing this book in 2014 and by late 2015 it became obvious that no publisher could be convinced that the subject matter, while important, would entice enough buyers to make publication profitable. The realization that I was putting all of that research and work into writing something that no one would read killed my enthusiasm for the project and the draft hasn’t been touched for four years. In that time, the number of women and children who are homeless, here in San Diego and throughout the United States has increased to the point that they are no longer hidden. People in San Diego were SHOCKED to learn there were 40 children in the temporary encampment that was opened in September. After reading this book, they would know that is just a fraction of the reality.

Anyone interested in understanding homelessness so that they know what they are dealing with, should read this draft. I am offering it here, for free, for anyone to read. I ask only, if you find it has merit, that you leave a note in the comment section. It would make me feel that my effort wasn’t wasted, to know what I have put so much effort into, is being read. I might even be inspired to complete the book!

I am tempted to offer the manuscript as just Part I, which unveils those thousands of women and children hiding in plain sight. While still needing the hands of an editor, this part is complete. Part II, which offers solutions, much like the real world, has a lot of holes to fill. I am hoping that the efforts Amikas has made for the past two years to establish bridge communities with temporary wood cabins is about to manifest in San Diego and this will provide the safety and compassion this very vulnerable population desperately needs while we create the permanent housing that will end their homelessness.

PART I: Women and families with no place to call home

PART II: What can we do

You can download the manuscript here: Hidden Homelessness-V36