Give me more.
I want more!
Fill it up, and then some.
I can’t afford it,
nor can you,
but if we hoard it
no one else will get it,
So give me MORE!

It’s never enough,
when you just want stuff.
But I don’t care if millions starve,
and the future is impaired,
so long as I get MY share.
So just give me MORE!

Because bigger is better
I must Viagra-size my world.
My car and house are super-sized.
I need more bathrooms
than occupants,
because I have so much shit.
But I want MORE!

Fill up this endless emptiness,
with lots of junk
and food that’s fast and fake
and devoid of nourishment,
leaving me always hungry
for MORE!

Wal-Mart shoppers beware
when you price compare,
the hidden costs of conspicuous consumption
are enslaving and degrading you
for everything you think you own
continues to extract a price,
even when the shine is dulled
and your interest in it ended
it must be stored and insured
and of course, defended.
But for God’s sake, give me MORE!

Like crazed junkies we clamor
for the latest craze
we’ve been programmed to enamor.
But whoever dies with the most toys
is finally free from their excess,
whoever possess the most
is the most possessed.

So maybe we should just
change our tune to —
Give me less.