Oh my dear sisters,
do you hear our children crying out to us?
From US border camps,
From the beaches of Gaza,
Forgotten in parked cars,
Kidnapped from school in Africa,
Gunned down by police
on our own city streets,
Trafficked and enslaved,
Conscripted and bombed…

Good God!
What is happening to our children!

Oh my dear mothers,
is it not our charge
to protect these babes
like powerful mama bears?
to defend them
like fearless tigresses?
to guard them
like a herd of elephant aunties?

Oh my dear women,
hear the cries of our sweet children,
dying.We are the ones wired
to respond to danger to our cubs.
Snarling fierce as mama wolves.
Our milk letting down
at the sound of babies crying.
Any baby crying
ignites that ancient feminine instinct,
that heat in our breasts
that compels us to suckle and safeguard.

Oh dear sisters,
hear our children crying out to us.

Like a pride of lionesses we must rise up,
driven by the urgency of survival of our species.
We must rise up
driven by the very nature of the feminine,
as one fearless force
to fend off those
who care not
for children.