I’m an idea person! I see a problem and I come up with an innovative way to solve it, -fix it, make it better, whatever…

I have no trouble breaking my ideas into steps, writing a proposal, and even inspiring others to sign on to the project. Where I fall short these days is on the follow through. Especially if it involves asking people for money. Not good at that part at all. But I also have to accept the fact that I just don’t have the energy to do the things I used to do.

We all know we are terminal, but when we are younger we always think we have plenty of time to finish things or to start doing all of the stuff we planned on doing someday. Then, like a quart of milk starting to curdle in our coffee, something happens that makes us realize our expiration date could be sooner than we thought. Suddenly it’s time to focus on what’s doable and to pass the baton to someone else for the brilliant ideas you probably won’t see to completion – someone younger, with more energy and technical savvy, who doesn’t spend an hour looking for their glasses when they are on top of their head.

Recently that mortality reality-check moment happened to me.

I was watching a report on the local news about a fire in my neighborhood. Earlier in the day, I had heard the sirens and watched the helicopter circling overhead, so I was paying closer attention than usual when the news anchor said that they had rescued a 65-year-old woman from the burning house. “Oh no! I gasped, “that poor old lady!” In my mind, I pictured an elderly woman too frail to get out of her burning house on her own. Then I realized that I am older than 65! I will always be able to tell you the exact moment that I came to terms with my mortality! Even hearing the doctor tell me I had breast cancer at age 55 didn’t smack me on the back of the head the way that image of some poor dear woman hobbling out of an inferno, did that night.

So this is my pass the baton page where I’m going to list links to projects I’ve started over the past few years that I know I can’t finish. If anything strikes your fancy, please send me an email and I’ll be happy to hand you everything I’ve got so far. I’ll make these links live as soon as I load up the pages.

Common Credits – An Alternative Local Currency

We’re All In – A PR campaign to change the way housed people think about un-housed people

Activist Calendar – a web-based calendar where different organizations can post their events and see what else is happening on a date they are considering for their event to avoid conflicts.