I lie here beside you
enumerating priorities of issues
and concluding
that time is running out
for species Consumeratis Glutonous.
Having outlived its usefulness
to the overall system
this model is scheduled for early termination.

It was a less than luminous run,
albeit a brilliant concept –
a model designed to  propagate itself,
programmed to improve with each generation.

But an erroneous calculation,
based on the survival of the fittest model,
resulted in the perpetuation of the most ruthless.
Was this simply a fatal flaw?
or planned obsolescence?

I lie here beside you
resigned to our fate –
the last generation has been born.
We can resist,
but how can revolution
defeat inevitable evolution?
There will be no Hollywood finale for us.
We are just two degrees from destiny.
You and I,
we are just two flukes,
born with the gentle genes.

I lie here beside you
my face nestled in that nook
between your arm and chest,
savoring the flow of your breath
across my cheek,
soothed by each rising and lowering of your ribs
and the rhythmic beat of your blood
coursing through your heart.
life goes on…

I lie here beside you,
one breast crushed into your arm,
one arm wedged to your bottom,
one knee spooned into the back of yours,
my toes searching for warm in your soles.
You are a haven to half of me.
My warm and yours,
tending the fire…
though even this close,
this so very, very close,
I cannot hear one thought in your mind,
or join you in one moment of the dream
that is making your fingers twitch.

How can we be this close?
This close to perfect love,
and know nothing of what is happening inside?
This close to no one left to speak our names
and know nothing of what comes next?