Handmade, Linen, Designer Aprons by Jeeni

Aprons by Jeeni are hand-sewn with genuine, European-sourced linen. Linen is earth-friendly, super durable, and very comfortable. The more linen is worn and washed, the more comfortable and lovely it gets.

Made to last! Aprons by Jeeni are pre-washed and pre-shrunk. Machine wash and dry. All seams are enclosed with either French seams or bias tape so your apron will never fray.

Practical doesn’t need to be boring. Every Apron by Jeeni is a unique work of art, individually crafted in my no-waste workshop in New Hampshire. Because I use cotton print remnants for pockets and trim, found buttons and decorative bits, hand appliques and embroidery, each color combination usually has one available. The color combinations are always changing based on the fabric on hand. Choose from several styles and two sizes.

Safe for You and the Planet. The linen we use on our aprons has received rigorous Oeko-Tex certification, ensuring that the fabric is biodegradable, recyclable, and free of harmful toxins or irritants. The linen dyes are environmentally friendly. Aprons by Jeeni are pre-washed so the cotton prints are safe.

Special Prototype Offer. I spent months perfecting the apron styles offered on my website and you can purchase one of the prototypes at 50% off — with one catch – agree to send me feedback and a photo I can use on the byjeeni.com website! If I incorporate your suggestions into future aprons, I’ll give you credit (with your permission). Look for the variation called Prototype under each style. (See product description for the size).

– fits 0 – 12; B – fits 14 – 20     (measurements are shoulder to the bottom edge of apron for length; width of apron includes the fabric that wraps around to the back)

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