These 100% Linen Towels are one way to show how much you care about our planet!

Linen is healthy for humans and our planet. Science is now proving why linen has been the textile of choice for thousands of years! Flax (the plant that is used to make linen) requires five times fewer pesticides and fertilizers than cotton! I use linen that is OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring that it is biodegradable, recyclable, and free of harmful toxins or irritants.

Linen resists stains and dirt and inhibits the grown of bacteria which is why hospitals and service industries around the world use linen. Linen thread is the only suture approved for internal use in the human body! Would you want anything else to wipe your hands or dishes?

These towels are pre-washed and pre-shrunk so they are already on their way to being perfect. Linen is naturally beautiful and the first choice for high-end restaurants and decorators.

And for those occasions when a towel needs to be more than a towel, such as guest towels in the powder room or when giving towels as a special gift, you can add a hand-stitched Sashiko border.

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