Linen Pantry Pouch


Store your bread and root vegetables in these tough, open-weave linen pouches. Not only do they look lovely hanging from hooks in your pantry, they are also better for our environment. A great way to separate fruits that give off ethylene gas, causing other produce to spoil faster.

Choose from 5 colors and 4 handy sizes:

  • Small – 4” x 6” – Store garlic, ginger, nuts or seeds. Sold in set of 2 pouches.
  • Medium – 9” x 15” Store rolls, citrus, avocados, fruit
  • Long – 9” x 21” – Store bread, baguette, or bagels.
  • Large – 13″ x 18″ – Store bread, squash, onions, potatoes etc.


  • This item is made with OEKO-TEX® Certified linen, ensuring that it is biodegradable, recyclable, and free of harmful toxins or irritants.
  • The open weave linen lends a unique, slightly sheer look while retaining the durability of medium-weight linen.
  • These pouches should be laundered in a cold wash and tumble dried on an air setting or very low heat, or line dry if possible.
  • Storing onions, potatoes, and winter squash in this open-weave linen helps them to last longer without rotting. Hang them on hooks to save precious counter and shelf space.
  • These pouches have a gusset bottom so they can “stand” on your counter. Easily open and close the pouch with double twill-tape pulls with wooden beads.
  • All seams are finished to prevent fraying.
  • Perfect as a Bread Bag! Unlike plastic, which turns bread tough and soggy, linen lets your bread breathe, keeping that just-baked crustiness outside and soft, chewy texture inside.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .25 in

Small – 4" x 6", Medium – 9" x 15", Long – 9" x 21", Large – 14" x 18"


Cream, Truffle, Oatmeal, Coffee, Licorice, Berry


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