Mom’s Eyes, My Words


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Photography by Rose M. Criscenzo, Poetry by Jeeni Criscenzo

Copyright 2002 All Rights Reserved

53 pages

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter


The photos and poems in this collection, were imprisoned in dusty notebooks for years, waiting for that moment in 2002 when the opportunity of time and technology made it possible to offer my mother’s photography and my poetry for all to see. While my mother was no longer there in body to give her opinion (in life she was always more than happy to share her thoughts), I know that she didn’t take these photographs thinking they would spend eternity bound in vinyl sleeves, seen only by me every time I packed up my belongings to move again.

Likewise, I didn’t write these poems, (some as many as 45 years ago) to never be shared. As artists, we are driven to cast our creations onto the public with a prayer that someone else will notice them and think, “Ah yes, I have felt this way, myself.” Creativity is a desperate attempt to share those feelings which connect us as humans. Sequestered in dusty scrapbooks for years, it was as if my mother’s photography and my poetry had never existed.

Something magical happened when I started to pair my mother’s photos with my poetry — both took on a new life. It was as if Mom was there, beside me, directing the project. I often thought it was a pity that my mother didn’t live long enough to collaborate with me on my many endeavors using computer and Internet technology. I think this collection is evidence that we would have made a helluva team!


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