Potluck Porter with Casserole Cozy


Yeah! we’re back to getting together in person and sharing our favorite meals! Bring your delicious contribution to the gathering in a porter designed to keep it hot (or cold), easy to carry with one hand, won’t spill all over the back seat of your car, and looks as fabulous as it tastes when you set it on the table. We’ve separated the casserole cozy from the porter so you can keep your dish wrapped until it’s ready to be served and tuck the carrier away. The casserole cozy can be easily popped into the washing machine so no need to spoil the party fretting about spills.

Choose from 2 Color Combos:


Carrier and cozy are designed to hold a bowl, casserole dish, or pot up to 12” x 12”. The cozy is quilted with Insul-Fleece® batting to keep the hot (or cold) in. There’s a pouch to hold your serving spoon.

The Porter has two ½” wooden handles set that won’t bend or break – we tested it with a 7-qt cast-iron dutch oven. The handles can easily be removed if you need to launder the porter. Elastic sides and crisscrossed ties snuggle up to any shape or size bowl, casserole, or pot.

Like everything on the By Jeeni website, the Potluck Porter with Casserole Cozy is handmade by Jeeni in her New Hampshire workshop with sustainably sourced materials.


Additional information

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 2 in
Color Combo

Red Stripes with Rose Garden, Blue Stripes with Dahlia Garden


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