Safety Silk Insert


Your 100% cotton Chrysalis Mask, combined with the Safety Silk Insert, will provide you with excellent particle protection. See the recent study showing that the combination of high-thread-count cotton and natural silk, filtered out 80% to 99% of aerosol particles.

Pkg of 2 inserts
Pkg of 2 inserts
Pkg of 5 inserts
Pkg of 5 inserts


A recent study shows that masks made with a combination of tightly woven cotton and natural silk filtered out 80% to 99% of aerosol particles. The cotton mask acts as a mechanical barrier to particles, while the natural silk holds a static charge that serves as an electrostatic barrier. The electrostatic effect sucks in and holds onto the tiniest particles, so they don’t slip through holes in the cotton. Here’s the report:

Safety Silk Inserts are two layers of natural silk, designed to fit perfectly inside your Chrysalis Face Mask. You won’t even know it’s there because the silk is so breathable and soft. To preserve the electrostatic quality of the silk, and wash the Safety Silk Insert in cold water; do not wring. Use a gentle soap without bleach, peroxide, or citrus, since harsh additives can break down the silk fibers. Hang to dry. No need to buy more and more filters – with just two, you can swap them out daily.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 7 × .25 in

Pkg of 2 inserts, Pkg of 5 inserts


Adult, Youth/Child


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