Even people who have experienced foreclosure or eviction, need a place to live while they start over. But they face insurmountable barriers to acquiring a rental. Landlords require credit and background checks for each adult, so a couple pays $70 for every rental application, although, their FICO score and past evictions disqualify them too or they are required to pay an unaffordable security deposit. For many families, the process of securing a rental goes from frustration to failure, to homelessness.

ARRC would help families get over the barriers to renting by training them to be highly qualified and desirable tenants. In collaboration with San Diego County housing agencies, such as RCCC, 211SanDiego, SD Housing Commission, and local jurisdictions, ARRC will conduct 8-hour workshops for renters.

Participants earn a Certificate and get a copy of their credit report to provide to participating landlords. Amikas will work with the San Diego County Apartment Association to present the benefits of participating to landlords.

A Non-profit organization would oversee the program. Renters would sign up for the workshops on the RemarkableRenter.org website. Classes could be scheduled at libraries and community centers. The website will connect renters and landlords, facilitate workshop sign-up and provide resources and tools for renters. There will be a public area; a section where only certified renters can view vacancy listings by participating landlords; and sections for landlords and housing service agencies to update their data.

Funding and sponsors would be needed to cover costs and provide training and materials for the workshops. Topics would cover budgeting & credit repair, tenant rights and responsibilities, and maintaining a safe, clean and healthy home. Following a six-month start-up we would hold two workshops p/mo. averaging 25 participants and would certify 300 renters the first year at total cost of approximately $115 per participant.

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