Oh Medusa,
you beguiled so many,
basking with only your breasts exposed
on the shores of San Onofre.
Your hideous face hidden,
your tits flashing seductively,
like some cheap pole dancer
promising easy gratification,
all the pleasure you ever wanted,
with no consequences.

O Medusa,
you treacherous beast!
Would anyone ever want you,
if they knew that just one glance at your horrific face
would turn any creature to stone?
So shrewdly you lied.
You promised to suckle us
with unfettered nourishment,
but fed us instead, the vapors of death.

What beast bore you
for whom there is no killing?
That even beheaded,
your putrid carcass will remain virulent,
a terrifying monster that must be vigilantly guarded and contained
for eternity.

Hundreds of generations from now
your severed head will remain
the ultimate weapon of terror
for whomever wields it;
a deadly talisman
that will be endlessly fought over
until it finally fulfills its charge
– the obliteration of everything in its shadow.

O Medusa,
when your grandmother, Gaia,
shudders at the thought of you,
will you shake your deadly coif
in a jealous response,
releasing satanic serpents in every direction,
over land and sea and air?

How can we appease you?
How can we contain you?
How can we destroy you?

Your promises were so seductive
that we feigned ignorance of your treachery.
Forgetting the wisdom of the ancients,
laughing at the mistakes of the past.
Had no one handed down to us
the sage story of Perseus,
who in pursuit of love and family,
only briefly left your severed head unattended
on the shores of Africa,
while venomous vipers dripped from your horrific remains,
terrorizing the continent, even to this day.

And now,
you lie waiting.
Now you lie,
on the shores of San Onofre.