Sore losers! you sneer,
because they question the way the game was played?

Cheaters! they cry,
because it just doesn’t make sense
the way it went down,
compared to what they saw with their very own eyes.

Just politics.
That makes it all OK,
As if this was just a game of chess,
with nothing lost but the round,
unless you waged a bet.

Winning goes to the one with the better strategy,
and a bit of luck,
and nothing holding them back,
whatever works,
whatever it takes,
raise the money,
raise the stakes,
lies are fair,
voter beware,
go ahead and tamper with the votes,
nobody ever went to jail for what happened in Florida, or Ohio.

They’ll all forget about it in a few days.
Just call them sore losers
and they’ll get in line,
do what they’re told.

But wait!
lives are at stake.
Maybe not yours
so no big deal.
It’s just collateral damage,
living on our streets,
or halfway around the world.
Sore losers, for sure.
Probably didn’t even vote,
or couldn’t,
or did, but somehow you made certain
it didn’t count.
Let’s make it confusing
Make them feel unimportant.
Announce the winner
before their turn.
Then say, “Suck it up.
You can fight another day,
So for now just go away.
Let the winners reap their unjust rewards.”

The mayor has his mandate now –
Keep doing what you’ve been doing,
Oppress the poor,
Invade the barrio
Grin and glad-hand,
makes everything fine.
People are such easy marks, aren’t they?

What will revolution look like this time?
It’s got to come
That feisty old man
who wasn’t afraid to tell the truth,
poked the sleeping giant.
And those kids haven’t been beaten down yet,
like you and me.
Don’t even know when they’ve been beaten.
They’re just itching to be heroes.

What will their revolution look like?
They just found out
they won’t be fighting it in the polls.
We know it won’t happen in the streets,
because the elite have
Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Trucks – BearCats!
They’ve got Long Range Acoustic Devices – L-RADs!
They’ve got Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles – M-RAPs!
How you gonna fight that?
They’ve got mind control,
weather warfare and waterboarding.

Besides, the first revolution didn’t really get us crap,
compared to Canada,
who never fought the Union Jack,
and they have socialized heathcare.

I’m sorry I couldn’t fix the world,
I couldn’t change anything.
They cheated.
And I’m a sorry-ass sore loser.