I have improved the design and instructions for the Chrysalis facemask that can be used to protect an N95 or surgical mask for reuse where shortages necessitate it. It can also be used alone as a face mask for less critical situations. Click on the links below to download the pattern and instructions:

Chrysalis Facemask Cover Pattern

The Chrysalis Facemask  Instructions

Everyone is being advised to wear facemasks, but N95 facemasks must be preserved for healthcare providers. Those who have an N95 or surgical facemask can safely reuse it by keeping it clean with a washable covering. Due to facemask shortages, some healthcare workers have been using one N95 mask throughout the day and would benefit by using a covering to extend the life and viability of their mask. I designed the Chrysalis Facemask Cover to serve as both a washable protective cover for the N95  or surgical mask or to stand alone as a facemask. My goal was to create a mask that:

  1. Is easy and inexpensive to make;
  2. Can be laundered in hot water;
  3. Can insert the N95 or a surgical mask or a filter;
  4. Is comfortable to wear for hours;
  5. Has no seams in the mask area that could allow the virus to penetrate;
  6. Provides a cushion between the N95 mask edges and the user’s face (for non-aerosolizing situations);
  7. Encases the chin;
  8. Fits snugly to the face with a pliable nose wire and elastics over the ears, plus it is secured at the neck with ribbon or fabric ties that allows you to remove the mask from your ears while still conveniently “wearing” it for periods when you don’t need the protection;
  9. Has a comfortable nose wire with protected ends to conform the mask to the shape to the nose;
  10. Where it is essential that the N95 makes a gapless seal with the skin and the N95 will need to be used for an extended period, the Cyrsalis mask could be worn over the N95 (rather than the N95 being inserted inside the Chrysalis mask) to will protect the outside of the N95 from getting soiled.

© Copyright 2020 Jeeni Criscenzo. We are all in this together: The Chrysalis Facemask Cover design, pattern and instructions are provided in the Creative Commons, giving anyone non-commercial, share-alike usage rights with attribution to Jeeni Criscenzo. If you wish to manufacture this mask to sell at a profit, you must contact jeeni@byjeeni.com for permission.

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  • Jeeni I like to order a couple of your mask for Connie and me. Give me your address and I’ll send you a check. Or if you use Google Pay or Apple Pay I can send it to you that way, I’ll give you some extra to support your efforts.
    Thanks 🙏 Ron Mirolla

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