I’m too bone weary to keep doing this work
over and over again,
when it’s so easily undone
by a stroke of his pen.
Such a waste of our precious time
our collective vision and imagination.
We could have been out having fun,
had we known everything we’ve won,
would all be so easily undone.

He fills the page with the scrawl of a petulant child,
And lays waste our precious places;
makes trophies of fragile species;
crumples trust and treaties;
tosses our lives and our liberty
into the dustbin of history;
defiles sacred grounds with waist deep sludge;
while any chance of stopping him
will be in the hands of his hand-picked judge.

Every gain we thought we made
wiped away with that godamn Sharpie!
Undone with his narcissistic signature,
while he proudly smirks,
holding it aloft for the photo-op
basking in delusions of praise,
while he brays, “He-haw he-haw!”

With no comprehension of the consequences,
he’s turned the places we hold dear
over to his greedy peers;
consigned control of our bodies to misogynist cults;
compromised our safety and security;
destroyed the lives of immigrants;
severed the bond of babies to their mamas;
stolen the future of young people brought here as children;
made a mockery of election integrity;
upset the balance of powers,
the separation of church and state,
the separation of special interests from our common good.

And all we can do is watch in horror as it unfolds?
As each battle we’ve fought and thought we won,
comes undone,
with that brazen, bizarre stroke
of his obscenely obese pen.