We are the ones who saw through the lies, 

scoffed at the fear mongering, 

sang out, “It’s about time!”
when they started to occupy 

and knew this was our time to do something. 


We are the ones who reached back, 

Reached forward, 

Reached sideways, 

And filled our arms
with our sister’s tears
and dreams 


Even though we may not always see eye to eye 

We feel heart to heart. 

And we’re smashing those myths
designed to keep us apart. 

We are the women who occupy! 

Sisters! We’ve got your back on this. 

On this we are prepared to take the fight to the finish. 

For justice! 

For our planet! 

For democracy! 

For our babies! 

For our rights! 

For our dreams! 

We are the women who occupy! 


We are the ones who work for wages. 

Who are searching for work. 

Who are retired and have the time. 

Who have partners to share the burden. 

Who are going it alone. 

Who have some money in the bank. 

Who can barely pay the rent. 

Who have every penny spent. 

We are the women who occupy! 


We are the ones with lovers. 

Ones with families that depend on us. 

Ones who fret about our grandchildren’s future. 

Ones who cherish our solitude. 

Ones who bravely carry our banner into battle. 

Ones wound in the fray. 

Ones who wear our battle scars on defiant shoulders. 

Ones who carefully conceal their pain. 

Ones who somehow always find some humor in this mess. 

We are the women who occupy! 

Some of us sing! 

Some of us write. 

Some of us march. 

and try not to fight. 

We’re the ones who are now many! 

The many who now are one. 

No longer feeling helpless and overwhelmed. 

No longer thinking we have to go it alone. 

We are the women who occupy! 


Together we’ve become a powerful force
to be reckoned with! 

Armed with our experience,  


And intellect! 


Yes, most of us have been here before, 

and while we celebrate this resurgence of youthful idealism, 

we have to carefully temper our tendencies toward cynicism. 

Still we’ll give this cause everything we’ve got. 

Whether you get us or not, 

because we are the women who occupy!