There is only one way to respond to extortion.


Have you heard the latest? The bully-in-chief is trying to hold the most vulnerable people in our nation for ransom. He’s going to hold off the COVID stimulus program until after the election – implying that, if he doesn’t win, he won’t let a COVID stimulus program happen… until he leaves office? Or doesn’t he plan to do that either?

That’s what it’s come to. Extortion. He knows he can’t win if he plays fair, so he’s going to threaten us like the mobster goon that he is. Has he even thought about how this is hurting American people, businesses, and communities who have been holding on for months for a little help to make it through the COVID crisis? Our neighbors are losing their homes. Our small businesses are going under. Our healthcare providers and first responders don’t have the protection and support they need. Our local governments are struggling to provide essential services to keep us safe.

He thinks he can make our communities fall apart if we don’t do what he wants.

Let’s respond with “Brilliant Backfire!”
If we put our best creative minds together, we can fizzle his cruel, bully tactics the same way our brilliant LGBTQ friends have hijacked the hashtag #proudboys! Oh that makes me giggle! We’ve seen over and over again how goodness, compassion, and humor can be so effective in overcoming hate and cruelty.

So this is a call out to every American who has had enough – It’s time to create some Brilliant Backfire! Turn this latest horrible threat back onto the bully. Artists, poets, crafters, performers, conjure up the most brilliant ideas we ever conceived to make sure our neighbors get through the coming months and together we all end up better than ever.

Here’s my idea. (I know you will have many more)

Double Down on the Double Up

Let’s do twice as much good as we usually do.

Cooking a meal? Double the recipe and give half away.

Going shopping? (of course, buy local whenever you can) Buy two of something to share with a stranger or a friend in need.

Here’s a big one… Got a spare room? Consider offering it to someone who lost their job and is facing eviction.

Going to make a donation? Give twice what you planned.

Here’s an easy one… Talking to a friend who is feeling blue? Spend twice as long talking to them.

Volunteering your time? Do double duty.

Just be twice as kind, twice as thoughtful, twice as generous, twice as positive.

You might end up feeling twice as good!

Here’s one way I can do my Double Down on the Double Up

From now until the election, for every mask or bandana you order on, we are going to make two, and send you both of them. One for you, and one for you to give away to someone who really needs a mask. No special coupon code to remember, just place your order and get twice as many so you can share.

That’s it. I’m feeling better already just thinking about our entire country doubling down on being good to one another.

What’s your Brilliant Backfire! idea?