It all started with facemasks

When coronavirus first started making neighbors and loved ones sick, we were all advised to wear masks to stop the spread. But where to get them?  Like many other folks who knew how to sew, I began making masks to give away to anyone who needed one. At first, it was almost impossible to get the supplies we needed, such as elastic and fabric. So my first masks used 1/4″ elastic I had on-hand, sliced to 1/8″, and electrical copper wire for the adjustable nose-bridge. And I cut up sheets and fabric scraps for the cotton. Slowly sources for these materials began to replenish their inventories. At the same time, I was researching how to make the best mask for protection, comfort, and looks. 

The need to wear masks continues. Just as the mask orders increased, I found out that my neighbor was also sewing masks! So we joined forces and together we are making the facemasks and bandanas you need and want in an assortment of designs to keep you stylin’, with soft, adjustable ear loops or double behind-the-head stretch-bands and comfort-flex nose-bridges to assure a snug fit while minimizing foggy glasses. Every mask comes with a washable raw silk insert that is scientifically proven to stop particles in their tracks. Choose from 4 adult sizes, because perfect fit matters – A LOT!  And now we offer the same 100% cotton/silk insert combination in a bandana with a snap-in insert. And masks made just for kids – in two sizes and lots of fabrics kids will love.

Then we started to wonder: If we can make a bit of money and have fun sewing masks, why not make other things too?!

Now we are creating things we wanted – like a phone pocketbecause somebody was always losing her phone, and bed socks, because somebody can’t wear knit socks at night! And then we decided we needed to make stuff that makes being home more fun – like a crazy chicken potholder! And… well what would you like us to make? We are ready!

While we can’t compete with offshore factories on price, we are lightyears ahead on quality and innovation. And when you buy something from By Jeeni, you know Jeeni actually had a part in designing and making it. And because we are working with our very talented neighbors to make these items, you are helping folks to pay the rent while working at home. We make every effort to source our materials locally or buying them fair trade. So not only your health, but the health of our planet, factors into everything we do. You can feel good about owning or giving anything you purchase here.

Then… a friend who makes terracotta pots and ollas, asked if I wanted to sell her wares too. Why not! It’s not cost-effective to ship these, but if you live in the San Diego area, I can give you a great deal on these items and you can pick them up – safely socially distanced of course!

And then… there’s something else I’ve been working on for a while – wood kits and items made with I WOOD – a grooved wood that is good for the planet and has a lot of benefits… So if you have wood crafts to sell, or want to buy gifts handmade by local woodworkers, be sure to visit I WOOD Kits.