It all started with facemasks

When coronavirus first started making neighbors and loved ones sick, we were all advised to wear masks to stop the spread. But where to get them?  Like many other folks who knew how to sew, I began making masks to give away to anyone who needed one. At the same time, I was researching how to make the best mask for protection, comfort, and looks. The need to wear masks continues and I’ve continued to improve the design.

But then I decided to use my same talent for re-think design, with other items we use every day – How can I make these things better?

Now I’m sewing things we I wanted for myself – like a phone pocketbecause somebody was always losing her phone, and bed socks, because somebody can’t wear tight knit socks at night! And then I decided we needed to make stuff that makes being home more fun – like a crazy chicken potholder! And a tortilla warmer that is easy to add tortillas, and table napkins with their own napkin ring!

While I can’t compete with offshore factories on price, my workmanship is lightyears ahead on quality and innovation. And when you buy something from By Jeeni, you know I actually had a part in designing and making it. I make every effort to source my materials locally or buying them fair trade. So not only your health, but the health of our planet, factors into everything I do. You can feel good about owning or giving anything you purchase here.

Enjoy your visit to my online store. I hope you’ll tell your friends where they can buy locally crafted handmade items you won’t find anywhere else.