Experiencing life as a woman for over seven decades can make a person bold, wise and impatient. While I’ve shed that sense that the possibilities were limitless, that inspired my younger self to resist all attempts to pigeonhole me, the lessons I learned by surviving the consequences of that independence, both economic and emotional, are now mine to share. And that lends worth to my existence.

More or Less Newsletters

12/17/22 - More or Less - The Comfort and Safety ...
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Gonna Make this Garden Grow

I drove home last night from our final Master Gardener ...
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The Senior Bus

The Franklin, New Hampshire Chronicles The Senior bus pulled up ...
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We need a Brilliant Backfire!

There is only one way to respond to extortion. BACKFIRE! ...
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Meyer Bros, Paterson NJ

The Store-Bought Dress

I cannot remember the occasion – maybe it was for ...
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Persie delivers finished masks

Imagining a Post-COVID Economy

Yeah! It’s September and the San Diego heatwave has broken ...
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My nook workshop

Everything you need to know about facemasks

Because not knowing can cost you your life. Buying a ...
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Pasta con Sarde

Pasta con Sarde e Finocchietto

I always used to make this meal when my kids ...
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The Chrysalis Mask Just Keeps Getting Better!

The enthusiastic response to the Chrysalis facemask I’m selling on ...
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  • Delightful reading. Looking forward to coming to this website on a much more frequent basis. I so enjoy storytelling whether I’m reading it or writing it myself. Thanks for your help in ordering your treasures today. Happy Spring, Jeenie!

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