Experiencing life as a woman for over six decades can make a person bold, wise and impatient. While I’ve shed that sense of limitless possibilities and invincibility that inspired my younger self to resist all attempts to pigeonhole me, the lessons I learned by surviving the consequences of that independence, both economic and emotional, are now mine to share. And that lends worth to my existence.

The Chrysalis Mask Just Keeps Getting Better!

The enthusiastic response to the Chrysalis facemask I’m selling on ...
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A Sense of Sourdough

This began as a recipe for my blog, then became ...
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And then, sometimes everything goes as planned.

This past week has been a difficult one for many ...
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The Chrysalis Facemask Cover

I have improved the design and instructions for the Chrysalis ...
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Day 14 – Emergence and Transformation

Day 14: No word yet on the COVID 19 test ...
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COVID 19 Self-Treatment Suggestions

Yesterday, a friend sent me a text suggesting that Scripps ...
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Two books that ruined my life – or so it seemed.

When you are the eldest of ten, and a bit ...
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Is that a googootz in your pocket?

Back when I lived in New Jersey and Long Island, ...
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