Experiencing life as a woman for over six decades can make a person bold, wise and impatient. While I’ve shed that sense of limitless possibilities and invincibility that inspired my younger self to resist all attempts to pigeonhole me, the lessons I learned by surviving the consequences of that independence, both economic and emotional, are now mine to share. And that lends worth to my existence.

A Sense of Sourdough

This began as a recipe for my blog, then became ...
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And then, sometimes everything goes as planned.

This past week has been a difficult one for many ...
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The Chrysalis Facemask Cover

I have improved the design and instructions for the Chrysalis ...
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Day 14 – Emergence and Transformation

Day 14: No word yet on the COVID 19 test ...
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COVID 19 Self-Treatment Suggestions

Yesterday, a friend sent me a text suggesting that Scripps ...
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Two books that ruined my life – or so it seemed.

When you are the eldest of ten, and a bit ...
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Is that a googootz in your pocket?

Back when I lived in New Jersey and Long Island, ...
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Isn’t It Good, Norwegian Wood? Good Bye to San Diego Free Press

I didn’t think much of the novel, Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami ...
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