Experiencing life as a woman for over six decades can make a person bold, wise and impatient. While I’ve shed that sense of limitless possibilities and invincibility that inspired my younger self to resist all attempts to pigeonhole me, the lessons I learned by surviving the consequences of that independence, both economic and emotional, are now mine to share. And that lends worth to my existence.

Jeeni’s Ballot Suggestions

Some folks have been asking me for my advice on ...
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One Voter’s Vision

What if we could be voting for a real vision, ...
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Homelessness and Capitalism: Some Untold Truths

by Jeeni CriscenzoPublished in San Diego Free Press May 30, ...
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Homeless families defined out of existence and assistance.

In his commentary in the UT 1 last Sunday, John ...
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Mommy (and God) Loves Me Food

I grew up in a little town outside Paterson, New ...
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My wheelchair view of my garden from my back porch.

In Control by Letting Go

If the current dose of daily news isn’t enough to ...
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My grandson at the grand old California Sycamore.

Legacies Sown in the Shade of an Old Sycamore.

We never know what legacies we are leaving, what seeds ...
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Hidden Homelessness

I began writing this book in 2014 and by late ...
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Chicken Meditations

The phone rang early this morning. The phone number for Amikas, the non-profit ...
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