I am A Poet

This is not the love poem I planned to write.
I began with the best of intentions.
But last night, we thought we’d catch the evening news
to see if anything important had happened,
and every station was showing Youtube clips
of inconsequential garbage that didn’t matter a bit.
And then, this morning, the lead headline on CNN read,
Fewer homeless, a Bush legacy!

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Ice Walking
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This is for Rosie O’Donnell and Megyn Kelly and all the women verbally abused by Donald Trump and other bullies …

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Needed an excuse to sit in the sun, put my feet up and breathe. Opened an envelope of lettuce seed …

I Am a Poet
This is not the love poem I planned to write. I began with the best of intentions. But last night, …

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On Hold
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Winter Solstice
Even as I succumb to this feeling of complete absolute despair, Even as I resign myself That I am helpless …

Be Still
As sure as the setting sun, my work is not done. Not in this garden. Not in anything I’ve set …

One Fearless Force
Oh my dear sisters, do you hear our children crying out to us? From US border camps, From the beaches …


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